Explosives Transport Vehicles

DGI are industry leaders in the construction of Explosives Transport Vehicles to meet your specific requirements. We manufacture to suit all make + model vehicles from 2x4’s right up to heavy commercial vehicles.

Explosives Boxes and vehicles.


  • Designed & built in Australia.
  • Purpose built for the explosives market.
  • High quality & built to strict AEC3 standards.


Explosives Boxes and vehicles.


  • Category 2 and Category 3 versions.
  • Fully fitted out bodies mounted directly to your new cab chassis.
  • Removable boxes mounted to your existing tray.
  • Aluminium throughout or timber lined.
  • Available to accommodate ROPS.


Explosives Boxes and vehicles.


  • Reverse cameras, buzzers, sensors.
  • Whip flags.
  • Work lights.
  • High doors.

We also provide accessories such as blast warning signs, LED flashing lights, blast sirens, water tanks, tool boxes & more.

Explosives Boxes and vehicles.

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