AN Lump Breaker.

AN Lump Breaker

Through first-hand experience crushing difficult crystallized & hardened Ammonium Nitrate lumps, we have developed a purpose built machine designed to withstand extreme shock loads incurred through breaking bulk... More info

AN Reload facilities.

AN Reload Facilities

DGI design and build AN Reload Facilities for many different site applications. We can develop a layout to suit your specific requirements. Our reload facilities can solve your surge capacity issues in a mine site..More info

Making & repairing Augers.


DGI can build any type of augers to suit any application. Mobile loading augers are a perfect solution when portability is necessary. Fixed position and swing augers are also important in making reload facilities. Our augers... More info

Design and building explosives transport boxes and vehicles.

Explosives Transport Vehicles

DGI are industry leaders in the construction of Explosives Transport Vehicles to meet your specific requirements. We manufacture to suit all make + model vehicles from 2x4’s right up to heavy commercial vehicles ..More info

Design and building Emulsion / Water gel explosives trucks (MPU's). Emulsion / Water gel truck designed and built for Synegex.

Mobile Processing Units

DGI has developed itself as one of the leading supplier of high quality bulk explosives manufacturing vehicles for the quarry & mining marketsOur innovative units are built with industry leading standard features...More info

Design and building pumping stations to transfer bulk liquid explosives precursors. Emulsion pumping station designed and built for Downer EDI is being tested.

Pumping Stations

Our pump stations are designed to transfer bulk liquid explosive precursors.  They are designed to safely transfer an explosives precursor from site storage tanks into MSU’s or from delivery tanks to storage tanks... More info

Design and building portable Safety shower / Eyewash Stations for using in mine sites and rural areas. Sfety shower / Eyewash station designed and built for Downer EDI.

Safety Shower / Eyewash Stations

If you require a Safety Shower / Eyewash Station for your site operations, DGI can offer you the perfect solution. Our portable station incorporates an emergency deluge shower & aerated eye/face wash combination..More info

Design and building Tote bins for bulk handling of AN in mine sites.

Tote Bins

Bulk handling of your Ammonium Nitrate is easily and safely carried out using our purpose built Tote Bins. Whether it’s for feeding your loading auger, calibrating your bulk explosives vehicle (MPU), or using in your..More info

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